Thursday, October 4, 2012

Five Easy and Natural Ways to Reduce Eye Puffiness

  1. Sleep on your back. When you sleep on your stomach you restrict blood flow to the skin.

  2. Keep two large spoons in your freezer at all times. Place the cold spoons over your eyes for a few minutes to reduce swelling.

  3. Eliminate soda from your diet. Soda contains phosphates (dangerous additives) and sodium. Too much salt in your diet leads to puffy eyes and face.

  4. Grate cucumber and wrap it in cheese cloth. Place the entire cloth across your eyes for maximum impact.

  5. Chamomile has a lot of great qualities, including anti-inflammatory qualities. Soak two teabags for 30 seconds or so in water and then place the bags over your eyes for several minutes. Or, if you want to use fewer teabags, make a cup of tea and soak a washcloth in the tea.
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