Thursday, December 6, 2012

6 Reasons to Try Reiki Healing

New to Reiki? It’s a Souli Skinspa specialty, and if you’re curious about the benefits of this practice, the following information will give you a taste. If you have more questions, ask me. I’m a certified Reiki Master.

1. Treat ailments.

Studies have found that Reiki is effective in treating both minor ailments and major disease. The next time you have a cold, feel a migraine coming on, or have a nervous belly, consider Reiki. With little effort from you, you might be feeling better soon.

And if you have a more serious disease, Reiki can help there, too. Many people going through chemotherapy treatments rely on Reiki to feel better and so do people with arthritis, heart disease, and post-operative pain, among other things. Keep in mind that Reiki should be used in conjunction with medical treatments. It does not replace them.

2. Reiki is not invasive.

During the session, you keep all of your clothing on and lie or sit still for 60 minutes, which is the standard session length. (You can opt for a session of any length between 5 and 90 minutes.) Reiki involves a gentle lying on of hands to your body to promote balance among all the energy systems.

3. You get a chance to escape.

Your life is hectic. Your mind is always working. That’s the state of things these days. Reiki is an opportunity for you to truly relax and let go. I will guide you through a meditation exercise that will help you to rest your mind and your body. In fact, it’s likely you’ll feel very warm and “floaty” during a Reiki session.

4. Ease your mind.

Just as Reiki helps to treat physical ailments, Reiki also successfully treats depression, anxiety, and other emotional distress.

5. Promote overall wellness.

Even without a distinguishable ailment, Reiki is an excellent way to promote overall wellness. It heals the body mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Reiki improves your immune function, helps you to sleep sounder, and increases your energy levels.

6. If you fall in love with Reiki, you can take a class and become attuned.

I went through “attunement” or Reiki training from a Reiki Master. In training you learn how to use energies from our higher power (whatever higher power you believe in) and direct that energy to places within someone else’s body or your own body to promote healing and overall well being. This is a very basic explanation of Reiki healing. Trust me when I say it’s much more involved and really quite amazing.