Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Think Beyond Skin Care Products

We forget that our skin is the largest organ in our body. We might also forget that everything we do (or don't do!) and everything we eat has a profound effect on aging and on our skin.

Diet (sugar, dairy, wheat), exercise, sleep, hydration, sunblock, genetics...it all plays a part. Develop good "life" habits and you will see the results in the mirror.

Start slow with small steps. For instance, make a point to drink one more glass of water daily. Sleep one half-hour longer. Drink three less coffees a week. Eat dessert only on weekends.

And last but not least...smile. On the Souli Skinspa Facebook page, a lot of folks were commenting on how beautiful a client of mine looked. Her response? "It was the SMILE that made the difference." Such a great reminder!

"The benefits of these types of small changes can have a ripple effect, like throwing a pebble in the pond."  Source: Jan/Feb 2014, Shape