Friday, January 2, 2015

Oxygen and the Skin -- New Facial Offered at Souli!

I was reading a skincare article recently titled “How Oxygen Can Get You the Hollywood Glow for Holiday Parties”. Well, that got my attention, so I started reading and researching to find a fabulous service to add to my menu.

We are all surrounded daily by, yes, oxygen. We all know that  oxygen “feeds” the cells….and our goal is to always make a healthier cell so that at the dermal level we can produce more collagen and elastin.

“You may be wondering why you still have unwelcome fine lines, wrinkles and a dull complexion when you are surrounded by oxygen. But the truth is, you aren’t. The air we breathe, depending on where you live, is made up of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, argon, neon and other gasses and only about 18% is actual oxygen. This is why many of Hollywood’s biggest starts rely on oxygen facials to get all the benefits of oxygen propelled directly into their skin, without the pore-clogging environmental elements along with it.” (Source:

Acne, rosacea and aging skin all respond well to oxygen therapy. You may not be a Hollywood star, but I’m sure you have at least one “red carpet” event this year where you’d like to “glow”!

Call Souli Skinspa for details on the Oxygen Facial.